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Tranio in 2017: foreign customers and new projects

In 2016, the international real estate broker Tranio set itself global challenges for the next few years: to become the largest company in the global real estate market, provide clients with various investment tools and give the opportunity to make transactions in the same window. In 2017, we continued to develop in this direction.

The growth of attendance and sales
The Tranio website has become even more popular: more than 2 million people visited it in 2017, which is two times more than in 2016.

“In 2015, the attendance of the English version of the site was 9 thousand people per month. Now both Russian and English versions have 3-4 thousand visits per day. On average, 7.5-8 thousand people visit the site daily. At the same time, 98% of visitors in 2017 were unique, ”says Nadezhda Burynda, content editor at Tranio.

Increasing the share of foreign buyers
Since 2015, Tranio has been working with clients from abroad. in 2017, they accounted for 26% of closed transactions. In particular, last year we sold several large commercial facilities in Germany to the citizens of Pakistan, Turkey and South Africa. The company’s total revenue increased by 18%.

Media publications
In 2017, Tranio received 290 references and references in international publications, including Bloomberg, Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

“As for the Russian media, only in the second half of 2017, 138 Tranio articles were published. Our company is mentioned by leading publications and news sites in Russia, including Kommersant, RBC, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Forbes and, ”says Yulia Pakhomova, PR-manager of Tranio. According to the rating of Medialogia, in 2017 Tranio became the most quoted among Russian media resources devoted to foreign real estate.

We conducted two large studies on how the behavior of Russian-speaking real estate investors and owners of foreign accounts in 2017 changed.

Launch of development projects
At the end of 2016, we launched the first development project in Barcelona, ​​and in the autumn of 2017, the second one. The new plan provides for the construction of a residential building with 22 apartments, 25 parking spaces and commercial space.

Also in 2017, we announced plans to start building in Athens. Our project in Greece was mentioned 89 times in the media of various countries, including Albania, Greece, Israel, China, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Among the international media that wrote about the project are Bloomberg, the Business Times Singapore, the Ekathimerini, the Huffington Post Greece, the Moscow Times, the National Herald, the Real Deal and Tornos News.

Read more about Tranio value added projects.

Site development
In 2017, we updated the site design, improved the form of creating ads and the geo-definition of locations by addresses and made finding properties for various parameters more convenient.

We also created a full-fledged mobile version of the site in Russian and English. According to Nadezhda Burynda, with its introduction, almost half of the visitors began to enter the site from smartphones and tablets.

Tasks for 2018
In 2018, we aim to:

launch of development projects in Greece and Germany;
creating an online real estate investment tool in Germany;
creating a personal account on the site, through which Tranio clients will communicate with our foreign partners;
launch of the Turkish and Chinese versions of the site (in addition to already working Russian, English, Spanish, German and Persian versions).
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